Djenana Jalovcic

Grade 9 Saskatchewan Social Ancient Greece Unit By Design Unit Plan
Kristin Carlson

Giving and Receiving Compliments
Shahid Mustafa
Secondary, Tertiary
This is a PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) lesson plan on the topic of “Giving and Receiving Compliments” which has been ...

A Guide to Designing Personal Learning Environments (PLE)
Pam Parenty
Secondary, Tertiary
This is a website created for Junior High, Secondary and post-secondary students to help them design and create their own personal learning ...

Reflections: Inclusive Leadership and Practice in Education
Jane Downing
I came to [MDDE] 631 as a novice in the sphere of inclusive leadership and approached the 631 journey as a passionate pursuit to unravel ...

Student of the Week and Best Class Ever
Deidre Keller
Student of the Week is a project to recognize individual students, building self-esteem and self-awareness. Best Class Ever! is a
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