The Inclusive Educators' Toolbox grew out of the Centre for Distance Education's course, MDDE631 Inclusive Leadership and Practice in Education, at Athabasca University. This course addresses the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to deal successfully with student diversity. Participants address current challenges they face in a collaborative manner designed to create an ongoing community of practice. In the video below, Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes describes the background to this important initiative.

Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes: Co-constructing Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers
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The Toolbox extends this collaborative workspace to the broader community of inclusive educators by inviting you to join our community and contribute your own tools and ideas for inclusive education.


The Inclusive Educators' Toolbox is a shared collection of member-created ideas, activities, and tools. As our community grows, so will our collection. The graph below indicates the total number of tools, downloads, and members over time.


Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Professor and Project Lead, Athabasca University
Ross Hunter, Communications Director, Aspen View Public Schools
Carmen Jensen-Tebb, Project Manager, Collaborations Program, Athabasca University
Dan Wilton, Project Developer, Athabasca University
Connie Levina Yuen, Instructional Media Analyst, Athabasca University
... and our growing community of contributors to the Toolbox.

Giving and Receiving Compliments (8855)
Shahid Mustafa
Secondary, Tertiary
This is a PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) lesson plan on the topic of “Giving and Receiving Compliments” which has been ...

Online Learning for Students with Special Needs (735)

Spirit Buddies and other UDL ideas for the classroom (542)
Amber Hensch
This collection of ways to implement UDL in the classroom features a description of Spirit Buddies, an activity pairing students to allow ...

A Concept Map of UDL Guidelines (310)
Chrysoula Lazou
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
This concept map was created to illustrate the importance of leveraging UDL guidelines in any educational context in order to provide ...


Considerations for Designing Online Learning for Learners of All Abilities (2)
Kristy Macintosh
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
This paper was written as an assignment for MDDE 621. The focus of this paper is how online learning can remove many of the barriers that ...

How inclusive is your school? (2)
Maria Psychogiou
This is a questionnaire created for the MDDE 631 course based on the course resources and you can take it in order to find out how

Dyslexia (2)
Chrysoula Lazou
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
This presentation on dyslexia is part of my reflection on a case study discussed in the forum of MDDE 631 course with Dr Susan

Dyslexia (2)
Dr. Susan Bainbridge
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
Keira Knightly discusses
The Inclusive Educators' Toolbox is a cooperative project between the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, Aspen View Public Schools, and our global community of inclusive education researchers and practitioners.