Kristine Lalonde

Chrysoula Lazou
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
This presentation on dyslexia is part of my reflection on a case study discussed in the forum of MDDE 631 course with Dr Susan

Dr. Susan Bainbridge
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
Keira Knightly discusses

Authentic International Schools Practices to Adopt/Adjust in the Greek Educational Context for Refugee/Migrant Inclusion
Chrysoula Lazou, Maria Psychogiou, Anna Krassa
Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary
This video was created for a course in our master's degree, MDDE631 Inclusive Leadership and Practice in Education with Dr. Susan

Outreach is UDL
Lara Ripkens
Created to illustrate how Outreach and UDL principles are synonymous in

E-Learning for Exceptionality
Lara Ripkens
Secondary, Tertiary
Created for a course in my master's degree, MDDE621 with Dr. Susan Bainbridge, this infographic examines the supports and theory available ...
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